Where is Pandora?

Dear Pandora English fans, thank you for your patience. Every week I am asked, 'Where is Pandora?' Now it's time to let you know...

By Tara Moss

Jan 14, 2015

Update: Check out my latest blog, Pandora English Resurrected for some exciting news…

Dear Pandora English fans, thank you for your patience.

Every week, sometimes even several times in a day, I am asked, ‘Where is Pandora?’ Now it’s time to let you know that we are having to find a new publisher for the Pandora English series in order to continue her story over several future books (Her story is just getting started!). I’m sorry there has not been any news yet, but we hope to have news this year. I am sorry for the delay in the release of the fourth book, The Cobra Queen, while we find a home for her.

The reality is that it is a difficult time in the publishing industry and many authors and publishers are finding themselves out of work, and many book stores and publishing houses are also going under or being bought out by larger conglomerates. A lot of talented and experienced authors I know are having their series pulled from circulation and their beloved (and often very popular) characters killed off as contracts are not renewed. New statistics show that the number of authors able to make a living from their writing has plummeted dramatically over the last 8 years, and that the average professional author is now making well below the salary required to achieve the minimum acceptable living standard (in addition, half of self-published authors make less than $500) so I am more grateful than ever for the opportunities I have, and that I can work several jobs outside of publishing my beloved fiction in order to support myself and my family.

Many authors can’t work the kind of high profile jobs I often do, however. If you love an author or series, particularly a local author (the vast majority of local authors have smaller audiences and print runs), be sure to support them. Tell your friends. Buy the books – or consider borrowing from the library, rather than a friend, as the national library system still pays authors a small fee for lending the book to you, through the ELR and PLR programs, (Educational Lending Right and Public Lending Right) and at least it registers that there is a demand for the work. For some authors, their PLR at the end of the financial year is just enough to allow them to continue to write.

Thanks for reading this short post. Again, I apologise for the delay. I thank you for your support, and Pandora, Lieutenant Luke and Great Aunt Celia look forward to continuing their adventures in the future. x

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  1. Joanne donnelly

    i feel sad to hear how financially difficult it has become for writers. Is there a greater financial reward for writers compared to the sale of a paper book or an ebook? Thanks and will be patient re Pandora

  2. Tara Moss

    Hi Joanne, Regarding e-books VS print, it’s not an easy question to answer. The traditional royalty for authors is roughly 8-12% on printed books (usually 10%) and 25% on ebooks, but the retail prices on ebooks are naturally lower and can vary dramatically. For me, I end up with roughly the same ($1-2) per book purchase whether a person buys the ebook or print versions of my work, as the ebook is sold for less but I get a larger royalty percentage of that smaller amount, as there are fewer material costs to the publisher, etc. However, for some authors their ebooks are priced extremely low. I know there are moves to standardise some of the ebook pricing a bit more. Again, not an easy question to answer, but I hope that helps. As a reader, I enjoy print books and ebooks. x The Australian Society of Authors has more info: https://www.asauthors.org

  3. Deanne

    I’m so glad to hear that Pandora is still goin to be coming out hopefully someday very soon. Have been waiting a very long time to continue the series.

  4. Nicole

    Sorry to hear that it is so hard for writers these days. I love reading and immersing myself in the stories. It is very sad to hear that this is how it has become over the last few years. I love the Pandora books and have recommended them to many friends who now also read them. I hope you can find a new publisher shortly as I know myself and my friends can’t wait to see what the future holds for Pandora, lieutenant Luke and Aunt Celia.

  5. Ross Hamilton

    It really is a sucky time as an author. Aside from the publishing issues discussed above, it is getting harder to all sorts of things placed including freelance spec work.

  6. Simone

    I too have been awaiting the new Pandora. Pleased to hear she is hopefully on her way this year. What you have talked about is exactly what I have recently discussed with my children. We are all readers and I still buy books regularly, I love the smell and feel of actually holding a book. Nice to know about libraries.

  7. Bridget blu

    I was just starting to wonder where Pandora had gotten too. Hope you find a new publisher soon …I would even settle for an ebook , even tho there is nothing more comforting than holding a physical book in your hands …..hope the hunt goes well Tara

  8. Susie

    Good luck with the search for a publisher. I love this series. My imagination often wanders into pandoras world wondering what is going to happen next. Cant’t wait for future books!

  9. Scott Jordan

    I’m hearing you Tara. Since publication of my first crime fiction novel ‘Upon the Sheep’s Back’ it’s getting harder and harder to keep writing. Good authors are going by the wayside as publishing houses and book stores shut down. I hope you find another publisher for Pandora, and I totally agree with Bridget Blu. There is nothing like holding the authentic copy in your hand, not an e-book.

  10. Kim

    Hi Tara I’m patiently awaiting the continuing Pandora series. Will you be doing book signings on Thursday at the Sommerset College lunch?

  11. Rebecca

    I just finished ‘The Spider Goddess’ and can’t wait to read the other Pandora books. I really love your writing style and am making my way through all of your books. Keep it up!

  12. Debbie

    Hi Tara So glad to hear this series will continue as I love the Pandora books…Also I like an authentic copy!!!! Can’t wait, Thankyou Cheers

  13. Nicole Riley

    Hello Tara
    What about crowd funding if traditional methods are not working out.
    With kind regards

  14. Dianne

    Hi Tara
    Me too as everybody else has been waiting for the next chapter in Pandora’s life, can’t wait to hold that book in my hands and start reading.
    Hopefully we wont have to wait to much longer.

    Best of luck


  15. Caz

    Thank you for letting your audience know the reason for delay, I must admit that I had devoured each novel in the Pandora series with glee and then periodically checked your Facebook and web page for a release date for the next. Perfect Christmas book to hide away with once the family has some quiet time. I really enjoy your writing style, both for the Pandora series and your crime series, both of which line the book shelf. Hopefully you find or create a publisher soon.

  16. Monique

    Hey there can we please have an update? missing the good read in Pandora’s life 🙂

  17. Lisa

    I too have loved reading your PE and Mac series and would love to read the next adventure that these gutsy women go on.

  18. Shell

    Have been waiting, waiting so patiently Tara. Cant wait to go on the next adventure with PE. Xx

  19. Zane McDonald

    Just finished reading all three Pandora English Novels in the past 2 weeks. I was quite surprised that I found a meld of Fashion and Supernatural activity to be quite riveting. Well written and I thoroughly enjoyed them. Can’t wait for the Cobra Queen. Thank-you

  20. Penny Healey

    Hi Tara,
    Just wondering as everyone else, what was happening to Pandora? Has there been any progress on releasing the next book? I am really keen on what happens next 🙂

  21. Emma

    I have just discovered Pandora after falling in love with Makedde and hope to read more about her soon.
    Such a talented writer Tara thankyou so much for sharing your gift xox

  22. Carol

    Also eagerly awaiting the Cobra Queen to be released…for me…electronic versions will never replace paper books. After looking at Computer screen indoors for 5 days a week, it’s the last way I want to read a good story!

  23. Benjamin

    I cant also wait for the Cobra Queen to come out, I’ve been reading The blood countess and the spider goddess at home actually brought the books from a book store thats how much i love the stories, please I hope it gets released thanks

    Been waiting since ’12

  24. Alan

    4 years without a Tara Moss novel. No wonder authors are doing it hard 😉
    I fell in love with the Mak novels and while waiting for something new I have gone through the Pandora English series. On reading the back cover of Skeleton Key I was gladdened to see that I would have at least 1 more novel to get through as it was coming in 2013.
    Love your work Tara (both on paper and in real life) and I look forward to many more novels, hopefully in the not too distant future.

  25. Joanna

    Just wondering if there is an update on when its being released? Is it possible for you to self publish? I know that some others do this when they are wanting to publish and are rejected by publishers.

  26. Marion

    Just wondering if there is any word yet on the next release. Have been rereading a lot of my books and would love, love , love to read the next book.

  27. Benjamin

    do you guys think The Cobra Queen is based on Medusa, if it is I really really really want to read it, looks fun, please TARA

  28. Monique

    I’m also touching base to see if there is any word yet on the next Pandora English book…. hoping hoping it will be soon! 🙂

  29. Natasha

    I’m just touching base on whether or not there is any word the the cobra queen being released?

  30. Maria

    I love the Pandora English series and I honestly can’t wait for ‘The Cobra Queen’. I read the current three in record time. I was so immersed in these books that I cannot wait for the fourth book to come out. Love it! Please release ‘The Cobra Queen’ this series is too good for it to end on ‘The Skeleton Key’.

  31. Kim

    Well I’m now reading the Pandora series for the third time, or is it the fourth? I am still enjoying it immensely! No news yet on book4? Such a shame! But the silver lining is that I started writing my own paranormal novel because I was do desperate to see what adventures await Pandora next. I do hope that Pandora will be let out soon but in the mean time Tara Thankyou for your amazing novels & inspiration. I hope one day my own book will be on the shelves alongside your amazing work!

  32. Tara Moss

    This is amazing news, Kim! Congratulations on your book. I will hold on to hope that I can release The Cobra Queen and the rest of my vision for Pandora soon x

  33. Kim

    Thankyou for your reply Tara.. It’s certainly inspired me to keep writing! I’ve just finished The Spider Goddess, again & am onto The Skeleton Key..again! I met you at the Sommerset College lunch & bumped into you in the loo & asked you a million questions about Pandora.. Sorry about that!!;) but it was an honour to talk to one of my favourite authors & cannot wait to see what happens with Pandora! You truly are an inspiration!

  34. Marion

    Why don’t you go fund it. I would back it. I loved reading the Pandora books and am desperate to read the next one. I am fussy with what I read, but really enjoyed you Pandora books, they were and fun read.

  35. Shana

    I was at my local library and by chance found you Pandora English series and love it that much that I read the first book in less then a day.(I have 3 boys 9, 4 and 9 months and it’s a weekend) I really hope to be able to read the 4th book sooner rather then later.

  36. Sarah

    Yes, crowd source! What else can we do to help it happen? I personally love the Pandora series and so do lots of my customers! What can I do as a Second Hand Business do to support authors? Without new books there will be no second hand ones!

  37. Ashleigh

    Currently reading the last Mak book, wanting to get back to Pandora. Like many of your other fans we will keep reading your amazing stories over and over until we can get our hands on the next adventure! It’s sad to see reading books become a novelty and that people actually comment on me reading a book on the train and not “staring at a phone”. Hope to hear good news about the Cobra Queen soon!

  38. Joanna

    Is it possible to have an update on the Pandora English series, as this article is dated January 2016, and there hasn’t been an update.

  39. Tara Moss

    Dear Joanna,
    Thank you so much for your message. Unfortunately there has been no update on this as I keep coming up against obstacles. I am beginning to think that crowd funding is the only way forward. At the moment I am working on a book and PhD, but when work allows, I am going to see if crowd funding will work. I’ve been publishing since 1999 and haven’t ever come across a situation like this, personally, but I know it has happened to other authors. It’s certainly frustrating, I admit.
    Best wishes, Tara

  40. Nina

    I LOVE the Pandora books. I hope to see The Cobra Queen published sometime soon.

  41. Judith

    Dear Tara,

    Would publishing on Amazon and selling for something like $15 or $20 be an option? I would be happy to pay this amount and more to continue reading about our beloved Pandora and her intriguing great-aunt.

    Best wishes,


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