A fine day for a vintage 50s Fair

We enjoyed our first 50s Fair yesterday, put on by Sydney Living Museums, the Historic Houses Trust. The event has run for the past 18 years to showcase the 1950s architecture…

By Tara Moss

Aug 26, 2013

We enjoyed our first 50s Fair yesterday, put on by Sydney Living Museums, the Historic Houses Trust. The event has run for the past 18 years to showcase the 1950s architecture of Harry Seidler’s iconic masterpiece, Rose Seidler House.

The sun was shining, the 50s frocks were out and things were rocking with swing and rockabilly, DJs and dancing. The event was completely sold-out this year, and the (glamourous) lineup to tiptoe through the house (no shoes are allowed) was a little longer than we could manage with our enthusiastic daughter in tow, but luckily we got to take in some of the live bands, vintage stalls and stunning 50s outfits before she decided she was a little too interested in the more breakable vintage wares on offer. And really, who could blame her?  (One glass 50s coffee table was nearly, accidentally, ours.) The incredible crowds made pram-manuevering a little difficult, so we did not stay for as long as we’d hoped. Perhaps next year we’ll bring a (retro) babysitter.

We will be back, but in the meantime here are pictures of some of my favourite dames, gents and fine wheels from our time at the the Fifties Fair 2013, including a gorgeous green Chevy Impala with some of the nicest fins I’ve ever seen (above) and stunning black caddy (below).

And just look at these gorgeous vintage couples. I’m sure you’ll agree they all look quite gorgeous.

Above: Stunning retro chic.

Sapphira checks out some of the wheels on show.

Above: Burlesque performer Gypsy Wood and comic Asher Treleaven dressed to 50s perfection.

A stunning 1950s debutante gown.

Above: Skye and Elise sporting two of my favourite looks of the day.

I decided to go for Jayne Mansfield inspiration – um, with a pram – in a leopard print 50s halter dress from Vivien of Holloway, seamed stockings from What Katie Did and a retro up-do I managed to whip together at home thanks to a nifty tutorial by Super Kawaii Mama and a bucket of hair spray. It even held in place. I may just be getting the hang of it.

Check out some of the gorgeous photos at The Urban List, and on the Tag Board for the event. Perhaps next year it could be a 50s Fair Weekend, instead of a single day?

 * Photographs copyright of Tara Moss & Berndt Sellheim, 2013.

(If you are in one of the photos and would like me to add your name, please let me know in the comments below.)


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  1. Kate

    What a glamorous day it was and what stunning photos – thanks for coming Tara!
    The house is open every Sunday, so you can always come back to have a look through the house without the crowds, might be easier with a little one in tow.

  2. The Urban List Sydney

    What a fabulous day and such fun dressing up.
    We admire those ladies who do that everyday!

    And, thanks for the link Tara. We enjoyed your post!

    TUL Sydney

  3. Helen Smith

    Those two lovelies in your two favourites looks of the day are my beautiful daughter Skye ( in the floral) and her gorgeous friend Elise ( with the fantastic hat). Doesn’t everyone ( including you ) look amazing!?
    Lovely blog


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